Parkwood and Park Place Apartments

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Welcome to the online home of Parkwood and Park Place Apartments. Physically, we are located in a quiet residential area of Keene, NH, just four minutes from downtown. Our buildings are three story brick, beautifully landscaped and family owned. Parkwood consists of five buildings, comprised primarily of two bedroom homes. Park Place has five buildings of twenty-four units each. Both complexes have a swimming pool and a tennis court is shared between the two properties.

As much as we love our four-footed friends, we have a strict policy that pets are not allowed in either complex

*Note: There is no fee to submit an application. Processed applications are good for six months. 

Keene NH


Located in West Keene, Parkwood and Park Place are within walking distance of the Middle school, High school, the YMCA, and are a short drive from downtown and the hospital.